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2013 Library Survey Results


In the fall of 2013, Shoen Library participated in LibQual+, a national survey to used measure perceptions and satisfaction with library service quality. Shoen Library was awarded an in-kind grant that enabled us to use this tool to learn how to improve library services.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey!


The survey measures user perceptions of service quality in three dimensions: Affect of Service, Information Control, and Library as Place. For each item, users indicate their minimum service level, desired service level, and perceived service performance on a scale of 1 to 9.


Your Comments / Our Responses

We received a number of thoughtful comments about the library’s services, resources and facilities. We have included a selection here, along with our responses.

My field – Religious Studies, could have more new texts available in the library, but these texts are often very expensive, and I am sure that is a factor in selecting such books.

The online resources are good, but often the library doesn’t have the latest editions of the texts I need

It would be helpful to have more copies of course referenced books in the library.

I wish that the library had all required text books.

Please let us know if there are texts that you need for your program. All books are expensive in all fields but we try to have the texts that faculty are recommending to you. We also scour the syllabi every term looking for reading lists and purchase the recommended titles. However, we do not purchase traditional textbooks where a new edition is published every year. Instead, consider asking your professor to place their copy of the textbook on reserve in the library to be shared by everyone in the class.

Not enough access to PDF files from other Universities that have completed and cited materials on the PhD level for sustainability. I have often had to purchase the PDFs at $35.00 apiece. I purchase approximately 5 per class.

Please ask the library to find these PDFs for you for free in our network of interlibrary loan before purchasing. We can find just about everything at no cost to you.

It would be interesting if there was a way to subscribe to have new information pushed to me relating to my discipline. This is just a thought that developed through answering the questions on this survey. In general, I’m very happy with my experience with the library and its services.

This can be done through the Ebsco databases. We will post a video on our tutorial page explaining how to do this.

I have trouble receiving peer reviewed full text articles on line. They are rarely sent to me upon request. I have been using only the pdf files that are presented on the link in my subject.

I am dismayed by how few resources the library has online. Often an article I want is not in holdings, and articles have been known to arrive after the homework deadline.

Shoen Library has access to over 28,000 print and electronic journals in our databases. If you need articles that are not full-text in our databases, we request copies from other libraries. We suggest a 1-2 week lead time on requests to make sure you get them in time for your assignments. If you do not receive a response from us, please inquire about your request, it is possible we did not receive it.

When I request a local book online it often has not been retrieved when I come to pick it up.

After you place a request, an automated email will be sent when the item is placed on our hold shelf for pickup. If you come to the library to pick up the request(s) before we have had a chance to retrieve them, we can give you the call number so you can retrieve them yourself. Rest assured though, the item cannot be checked out by anyone else once a hold has been placed on it even if it is still in the stacks.

Lack of quiet study area bothers me.

I would love it if the library was less chatty.

The library is Very cold!!!! I know heat is expensive, however I am physically so uncomfortable it is difficult to work and my fingers get icy.

Also… you could save a lot of money by adjusting the AC. When I was there this summer, I froze. Temp could have easily been 10 degrees warmer.

The building could definitely use some beautifying and the space could be utilized better

Really love this library and staff is exceptional. Accessibility is a problem, though! I have a disability, so go to the delivery door to be admitted, but this rarely works well. I end up avoiding this wonderful library because it’s such a hassle to get into. The stairs kill me, and the disabled route doesn’t work. I realize it’s really no one’s fault, that a door person is probably not in the budget, but wish there was a better way!

The service at the library is great. My one wish would be to have more individual study rooms, with computers, such as conference room C.

Remodeling to create a place to gather would be nice…MU needs a student union…more space than the bookstore can supply.

I love the physical space of a library as well as library services. I appreciate the space it provides for accessing information and doing work. While I appreciate the on-line and electronic resources, I really value having the physical library both as a place of study and as a realm of resources.

The building is old and difficult to heat and cool during times of wild swings of temperature outside during transitional periods of fall and spring. We do have space heaters to check out from the circulation desk if you are cold. We recommend dressing in layers when you come to the library no matter what the season. Summers can be cold too but so refreshing when it is hot outside!

We have private study rooms that can be reserved ahead of time and used for 4 hour periods for group or quiet solitary study. The ground floor is a talking floor where groups congregate and cell phones are allowed. The main and top floors are for quiet study but the hole in the floor does allow for sound to travel from floor to floor. If you need quiet, stop by the desk and we can help you find the perfect spot. We also check out headphones that students use to create quiet and we give out earplugs at the circulation desk.

We are working with an architect to design a remodel that will have an accessible entrance that faces BP John with 4 more study rooms in addition to better lighting, heating, electrical, etc. Once the plan is finalized, we will start fundraising to accomplish these much needed improvements.

Accessing information through the library is incredibly frustrating for me. Being an online (accelerated) student, it is difficult to get assistance during my study hours and often revert to Google given the time constraints.

The search function can be frustrating when selecting databases. It would helpful to have them grouped by category of some kind. Also, the results are often health-field heavy for a person more interested in marketing areas. It seems that in this area, full texts are often not available….frustrating.

We have 24/7 library assistance via a chat option on our library homepage. If you are having any problems searching and the library is closed, please start a chat with a librarian and they will help you with your research.

Our electronic resources are grouped by academic department and by subject area, see the left hand column on this page on our website.

Expanded weekend hours would be greatly appreciated.

The quality of library services, especially the personnel, is first-rate. Where I see areas of concern are in the reduced hours of operation and the limited funds available for staffing and procurement of additional resources (books, journals, e-sources, etc.).

Summer limited library hours was very problematic. I have noticed that some requests are falling/have fallen between the cracks.

Also, the library closing at 5 on Fridays is very problematic for those of us taking Friday evening classes.

The library hours need to cater to students who work during the week and only have evenings and weekends to get away and study. I was shocked this summer at the minimum hours available….don’t think MH fully realizes the needs of their adult students.

The library staff are extremely helpful. library hours need to be expanded for our students.

The library staff has always been helpful to the degree required. The space is full of valuable study and research areas. Great hours.

We will be expanding our Friday and Saturday hours to 6 pm to more closely match the time students need the library before weekend classes begin. We will survey faculty and department chairs about the best days and hours to be open weekends over the summer.

It would be helpful if the staff at the front desk could book conference rooms at the time of request instead of writing everything down for a librarian.

The circulation desk seems limited in its ability to help students when staff librarians are unavailable to assist.

I love our library, and with the exception of newer employees who are not familiar with procedures and thus cannot always help me, I find staff to be exceptional, especially Kirk and Nancy. I could live in Shoen Library

The staff who sit at the front desk and answer the phone are students just like you. They are not trained librarians; they are students who are working in the library while working on their degree. Think of them as Tier One support. They have a limited knowledge of library operations and if they can’t help you they will find someone who can. If you are unsatisfied with the service you are receiving, please ask to speak with a librarian. If no one is available, leave your number or email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our library and staff are superb.

I love Shoen!

I am very pleased with the support of the staff that I have encountered.

I have always been treated with the utmost respect. Library staff has gone out of their way to be helpful.

The staff at the library is AMAZING. They are always friends and knock themselves out to be of service.

The library has offered me everything I need

Excellent source of support on campus

Great service for online students

Knowing that I have the ability to contact our library at any time (day or night) is the best feature. My local library is over 50 miles away. Since I’m not a local student, having the resources that shows me the trustworthy sources is invaluable. I also like the feature that we can e-mail the library and we will get individual attention. Thanks for being there

I have been to Shoen library only twice, but I find it inviting and cozy. Also, the employees seem friendly and knowledgeable, and I would feel comfortable asking questions if I needed help. My experience with the online system is much more extensive, and I have yet to have a bad experience with it. I always find what I am looking for with very little trouble.

I have not had any issues with the library online or the librarians. Anytime that I have had a question or needed help the librarians have been more than willing to help and have been professional and helpful. Thank you!

The Library is a gem. I appreciate how it moves forward with technology and with the community.

I appreciate the library’s efforts at offering optimum service in an environment of monetary challenge.

The staff is the absolute best. They are patient, caring, and have a good sense of humor.

Thank you much for all services provided, so far. At this point, everything is great!

Thank you! We love being of service to our students and faculty!

Survey Participants

The library’s survey population included:

1776 students who took classes in the past 18 months

362 faculty who have taught in the last year

Of the 2138 surveys distributed, 253 were completed for a response rate of 12 percent.

General Satisfaction

General satisfaction is measured by these three questions:

1: In general, I am satisfied with the way I am treated in the library.

2: In general, I am satisfied with library support for my learning, research, and/or teaching.

3: How would you rate the overall quality of service provided by the library?

Our respondents said:


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