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Using Research Databases

Shoen Library offers more than 60 subscription research databases, full-text journal access and additional electronic content. Our librarians are available to suggest resources and research strategies.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled step-by-step tutorials, a guide on choosing databases, as well as information on finding full-text articles and how to get the most out of Google Scholar.

Database Tutorials

Choosing Databases

It is easy to browse the library’s A-Z list of research databases. Alternatively, you may select from groupings of databases by subject.

Database category definitions:

Catalog – A library catalog that provides searchable access to the holdings of a library or group of libraries.

Full-text – A database with full-text or complete content during a given time period.

Index with Citations – A database that provides citation information about articles.

Index with Abstracts – A type of database that provides citations with abstracts. An abstract is a brief overview of an article.

Index with some Full-text – A type of database that contains the full-text of articles. In some instances, the full-text may not be immediately available.

Web Page – A resource that is accessible on the Internet and is not directly subscribed to by Shoen Library.

Finding Full-Text Articles

Many journals are available in full-text format. The eJournals A-Z search will tell you whether Shoen Library provides online full-text access to a particular journal, magazine or newspaper.

Librarians are available to help track down journals. Interlibrary Loan is a possibility for articles that Shoen Library does not provide directly from the databases.

Find It!

When searching in databases you may see that the article is not immediately available. The “Find It” button might help you track down the article. Look for:

Find It

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search feature of the Google search engine that seeks out scholarly books, articles and web pages from many different nonprofit and commercial sources. The database is large and includes scholarly works in many fields of study.

Our librarians recommend you use Google Scholar as a supplemental resource, in addition to Shoen Library’s catalogs and research databases.

When searching for articles in Google Scholar, you may see the “Get It @ Marylhurst” link. If you can’t access the article that you are interested in obtaining, you have the option of filling out the interlibrary loan form.

Google Scholar has some limitations.

  • Google Scholar does not provide free access to all content.
  • The library does not provide immediate access to all sources that Google Scholar links to, as not all sources are part of Shoen Library’s holdings.
  • Google Scholar does not provide a detailed summary of all sources that are searched.
  • Search results are mixed — they can be links about or to books, articles and Web pages.

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