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Research Databases A-Z

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Full-text iconAcademic Search Complete
A large, multi-disciplinary database with citations, abstracts and many full-text
Type: EBSCOhost Full-text

Covers social gerontology and aging studies with an emphasis on psychology, social
work and public policy.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Abstracts
(An EBSCHost Database).

Contains bibliographic records back to 1970 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s
National Agricultural Library.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

Full-text iconAlt Health Watch
Provides full-text back to 1990 for more than 140 alternative health publications.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconArt Full Text
Provides comprehensive indexing for more than 500 international art publications including
periodicals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins. The database also includes the full-text
of 200 journals with coverage beginning in 1997.
Type: EBSCOhost Full-text

Article First
A large, multi-disciplinary index covering over 15,000 scholarly and popular journals.
Type: Index with Citations

Full-text iconATLA Religion
Provides full-text for over 50 religious journals maintained by the American Theological
Library Association.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconAtoZ the World
Provides country overviews for international business travelers. Content includes
business culture, customs, demographics, and travel warnings for the world’s countries.
Type: Full-text

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
The index covers architectural and design publications with an American focus. Avery
also includes the publications of professional associations, U.S. state and regional
periodicals, and major serial publications in the architecture and design of Europe,
Asia, Latin America, and Australia.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

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Full-text iconBAS Library:  Biblical Archaeology Society
Provides access to the Biblical Archaeology Review and additional research materials from the BAS.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconBritannica Academic Edition
Includes the complete encyclopedia, as well as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
and Thesaurus, Britannica Student Encyclopedia and the Britannica Book of the Year.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconEBSCOhost Databases
Search Business Source Complete and many related databases for citations, abstracts and thousands of full-text articles
on business and related fields. The place to start your search for articles.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

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Digital Media IconCatalog of Art Museum Images Online (CAMIO)
The growing collection contains images of paintings, photographs, sculpture and other
media from participating museums and institutions.
Type: Digital Media

Full-text iconChicago Manual of Style Online
This online version of the 17th edition includes formatting, grammar, usage, documentation and citation guidelines.
The 16th edition (2010) is also available.
Type: Full-text

Child Development and Adolescent Studies
The index provides abstracts and coverage of sources related to the growth and development
of children through the age of 21.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Abstracts

Full-text iconChoice Reviews Online
Provides concise reviews of academic books, media and web resources with monthly updates.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconChronicle of Higher Education Online
Provides access to the online edition of the Chronicle.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconCIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online
Includes country data, case studies, policy briefs and journal articles related to
international relations.
Type: Full-text

The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature provides indexing for
over 2,737 journals in nursing, health disciplines, biomedicine and many other areas.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

Digital Media IconClassical Music Library
The streaming audio collection offers over 200,000 recorded classical works from major
labels. Repertoire ranges from vocal and choral music to chamber, orchestral, solo
instrumental and opera.
Type: Digital Media

Full-text iconClassical Music Reference Library
Provides informative essays from Baker’s reference works on Western classical music.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconClassical Scores Library
Includes over 14,000 music scores for research and study. Does not provide performance
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconCommunication and Mass Media Complete
Provides full-text from over 200 journals in the fields of communication and mass
media. Coverage extends to speaking, writing and public relations.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

Digital Media IconCounseling and Therapy in Video
The online resource provides actual therapy sessions, re-enacted therapy sessions
and scripted scenes to illustrate techniques. The resource also contains additional
content from professional therapists including interviews and presentations.
Type: Digital Media

Full-text iconCQ Researcher
Provides full-text, in-depth coverage of current political and social issues.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
5th edition  |  DSM-5
A comprehensive resource used by health professionals, social workers, and forensic
and legal specialists to diagnose and classify mental disorders.
TYPE: Full-text

Full-text iconDirectory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Provides access to selected journals covering a broad range of disciplines including
humanities and sciences.
TYPE: Full-text

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Full-text iconEBSCOhost Databases
Provides access to over 30 databases. Popular choices are the Academic Search Complete
and the Business Source Complete databases.
Type: Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconEBSCOhost eBooks
Provides access to thousands of eBooks on the EBSCOhost platform.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconEducation Full-text
Offers articles from 350 major academic journals in the diverse field of education
including primary, secondary and higher education.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconEnvironment Complete
Provides full-text coverage in a variety of fields including ecosystem management,
environmental policy, natural resources, and renewable energy.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

ERIC: Educational Resource Information Center
Provides bibliographic access to a wealth of information on a variety of educational
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

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Digital Media IconFilms for Business and Economics
Delivers streaming videos on topics ranging from leadership and management to economics
and finance.
Type: Digital Media

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Full-text iconGale Small Business Resource Center
Provides sample business plans, reference guides, journal articles and additional
Type: Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconGale Student Resources in Context
Offers easy access to award-winning content based on national curriculum standards.
Covers all core curriculum areas including history, literature, science, social studies,
and more.
Type: Full-text

Google Scholar @ Marylhurst
The Google Scholar search is configured to connect to Shoen Library’s resources improving
the availability of some content.
Type: Web Page

Government Printing Office: FDsys
Provides information about print and electronic publications created by Federal agencies.
Type: Index with Citations

Topics covered include global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture,
renewable energy, recycling, and more. Provides indexing for articles from scholarly,
government and general-interest titles.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

Full-text iconGREENR
Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources (GREENR) focuses
on the physical, social, and economic aspects of environmental issues. Resources include
academic journals, news sources, case studies, legislation, statistics, and multimedia.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconHealth Source
Provides articles from more than 550 journals with a focus on health, medicine, nursing,
pharmacology and prescription drugs.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

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Full-text iconIPA Source for Songs and Arias
The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Source is the web’s largest library of transcriptions
and literal translations of opera arias and art song texts with over 5598 texts.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconJSTOR: Arts and Sciences Collection
Provides a retrospective, full-text collection that includes many of the core research
and society published journals in key fields in the humanities and social sciences.
Type: Full-text

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Digital Media IconLearning Express Library
The career and school preparation center provides practice aptitude tests including
the GRE and the LSAT. Computer software instruction is also available for Windows
or Mac operating systems and Microsoft office applications.
Type: Digital Media

Full-text iconLegal Collection
Provides full-text for more than 260 of the world’s most respected, scholarly law
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconLegal Search by Lexis-Nexis (will be replaced by Nexis Uni – Legal Search soon)
Provides content from legal journals, statutes and other sources.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconLexis-Nexis Academic (will be replaced by Nexis Uni soon)
Provides full-text articles and press releases from leading newspapers and news wires.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconLiterary Reference Center
A complete literature reference database which includes author biographies as well
as literary criticism.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconMarylhurst Digital Thesis Collection
Theses from Marylhurst graduates are available online through this portal. Each thesis
has been added at the request of the author.
Type: Full-text

Provides authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary
medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences and much more.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

Full-text iconMental Measurements Yearbook with Tests In Print
Provides reviews of testing instruments used in psychology, education, business and
other fields. The Tests In Print component provides information about the publisher
and availability of tests.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconMergent Online
Provides a large database of domestic and international companies with access to financial
data, annual reports, industry snapshots, and country overviews.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconMerriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
Provides a direct search on the Britannica Online site. Includes the content of the
dictionary and offers access to Britannica Online.
Type: Full-text

MLA International Bibliography
The Modern Languages Association database provides indexing of journals in the fields
of literature, folklore, linguistics and modern languages.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

Music Index
Cites articles and reviews about music and musicians from over 700 publications.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Citations

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Full-text iconNew York Times via Lexis-Nexis (will be replaced by New York Times via Nexis Uni soon)
Provides access to the full-text of the New York Times since June 1, 1980. Provides
indexing from January 1, 1969 to May 31, 1980.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconNexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)
Provides full-text articles, news, business and legal sources from leading newspapers and news wires.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconOpposing Viewpoints in Context
The database provides viewpoint articles on controversial issues including capital
punishment, medical ethics, right to privacy and many more topics.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconOxford English Dictionary
Provides the pronunciation, meaning and history for over 500,000 words in the English
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconPortland Business Journal
Provides the full-text of 40 metropolitan business newspapers including the Portland
Business Journal.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconPsychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Provides coverage of nearly 550 full-text journals in the social and human sciences
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconPsycINFO with PsycARTICLES
Provides extensive coverage in the field of psychology including the full-text of
over 50 journals published by the American Psychological Association.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

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Full-text iconRegional Business News
Provides comprehensive full-text coverage for 75 regional business publications.
Type: Index with some Full-text

Full-text iconReligion and Philosophy Collection
Provides extensive full-text coverage of more than 300 full-text journals related
to theology and philosophical studies.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with some Full-text

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Full-text iconSage Journals Online
Provides full-text coverage of nearly 500 Sage journals covering many fields including
social sciences and management.
Type: Full-text

Digital Media IconShakespeare Plays, Audio
All of Shakespeare’s plays are available on audio download through
Type: Digital Media

Digital Media IconShakespeare Plays, BBC
More than 30 full-length BBC Shakespeare performances, video format.
Type: Digital Media

Social Gerontology Abstracts
The index covers topics related to social gerontology including the psychology of
aging, elder abuse, and the elderly in society.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Abstracts

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Teacher Reference Center
Provides indexing and abstracts for more than 270 of the most popular teacher and
administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.
Type: EBSCOhost Index with Abstracts

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Full-text iconU.S. History in Context
Includes authoritative reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals,
news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to
vetted websites.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconVirtual Reference Library
Features subject specific encyclopedias in social sciences, health and religion.
Type: Full-text

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Full-text iconWall Street Journal
Provides full-text articles from the world’s leading financial newspaper from 1984
to the present.
Type: Full-text

Full-text iconWorld Development Indicators
The World Bank provides statistical indicators in areas including education, energy,
environment, and health for most countries around the world.
Type: Full-text

WorldCat Classic
Provides access to the world’s largest library catalog with access to interlibrary
loan via the FirstSearch system.
Type: Catalog

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